Eine Ärztin und eine Patientin sitzen sich im Gespräch gegenüber


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EMAAge is a mixed-methods study with a prospective, multicenter cohort study at its core focusing upon the emergency and follow-up health care of multimorbid, geriatric patients and exemplarily evaluates one of the most frequent urgent health issues of this vulnerable group: the proximal femoral fracture. The project's main aims are to characterize the patient population in terms of daily-life function, independence, and quality of life before and after admission to the emergency department, and to identify potentials for health care improvements.

Patients are consecutively recruited in the 8 Berlin-Mitte emergency departments. Primary data are collected through standardized face-to-face and telephone interviews respectively during patients' hospital stay, and 6 months follow-up interviews. Secondary data from Hospital Information Systems are linked to the interview data.

Additionally, professional health care providers from all relevant professions and settings are interviewed qualitatively.