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EMACROSS (Emergency and Acute Care for Respiratory Diseases beyond Sectoral Separation) investigates the care of ED patients with respiratory diseases. Eligible EMACROSS participants are patients presenting with symptoms of respiratory disease in one of the participating emergency departments. 

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EMACROSS evaluates care for patients with respiratory diseases – especially acute infections – who are frequently treated as outpatients in emergency departments.

The objective is to describe the target population (in regard to medical, demographic and psychosocial characteristics and their motivations and experiences), identification of factors influencing utilization of emergency care and subsequent health care structures, investigation of primary and secondary data on care processes.

The study population consists of patients with defined respiratory diagnoses receiving ambulatory care in participating emergency departments in Berlin.

EMACROSS applies a mixed-methods approach including a) collection of primary data via quantitative questionnaire in a prospective cohort (t0: emergency department consultation, t1: 3-month follow-up), b) guideline-based semi-structured qualitative interviews with a subsample of 15-20 patients and additional expert interviews with 15-20 general practitioners, c) interdisciplinary focus group interviews with care providers. Complementary, d) hospital information system (HIS) data and e) secondary data (insurance data) will be analyzed.

Study aim

The study aim is to describe the respective patient group (e.g. with regard to their clinical, demographic and psychosocial characteristics as well as their motivations and expectations), to identify factors influencing the use of EDs and further care services, and to collect primary and secondary data on the healthcare process.

Contact persons

  • Dr. Felix Holzinger, specialist in General Medicine, MPH; Institute of General Practice, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Sarah Oslislo, B. Sc., MPH; Institute of General Practice, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin